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Sundiro are probably (definitely) best known for their collaboration with Honda called, unsurprisingly, Sundiro Honda. In recent year Chinese companies that have join


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Chongqing Hensim Group Co., Ltd. is a privately owned manufacturer of motorcycles, engines and generators based in Chongqing. Founded in 1998 Hensim is one of the only middle sized mo

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XGJao is a Chongqing motorcycle manufacturer who is also a subsidiary company of Yuan shock absorbers (reportedly the biggest producer of shock absorbers in the world) and the Chongqi


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Jincheng as a company has existed in the manufacturing sector since 1949. This company has 8 subdivisions with interests including hydraulic and light industry, electric bicycles as w

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Wonjan Motorcycles in Chongqing are a progressive motorcycle and cub producer with an interest in producing specialist models such as monkey bikes on a big scale. A visitor to the Chi


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Senke motorcycle industry co. Ltd is a sub-company of the China national machinery& equipment corp. (group), and is located in Heshan city which is a 45 minutes’ drive away from


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Fuego Power in Chongqing is the manufacturer of the ‘Motorhead’ brand. Fuego are one of the newest additions to the Chinese motorcycle industry and gained recogni

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Haojin are one of the biggest and most recognisable brands from the Chinese motorcycle industry. Headquartered in Guangdong province Haojin are a prolific model producer and have desi

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