The most motorcycle parts in one place in the world!

most motorcycle parts in one place in the world

By David McMullan


I first visited and reported on the China Motorcycle Parts fair (CMPF) 6 years ago when it was an unknown expo. A party of Uruguayan motorcycle and parts importers had come to meet me in Chongqing and I’d happened to have heard that the local exhibition centre was staging an exhibition for motorcycle parts. I’d never heard of this fair so I didn’t hold out much hope for anything interesting when we entered, I was wrong.

The Uruguayans were like kids in a sweet shop as they perused the hundreds of stands displaying millions (yes literally millions) of parts. There were parts for every bit of a motorcycle, tricycle, ATV, scooter and other vehicles. Not only was every Chinese brand covered but there was also parts for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Piaggio, Peugeot and a dozen more international brands as well as many stands exhibiting helmets, gloves, clothing, custom fairings, motorcycle umbrellas and all sorts of cool accessories. Another interesting aspect was that the Uruguayans and I were the only foreigners among the 50000 visitors to the fair!

Fast forward 6 years and we can now see that foreign visitors make up a decent percentage of trade visitors to the fair which is growing year after year. If you visit the fair don’t expect loud rock music and lots of half-naked models sitting on motorcycles (although there are some half-naked models)! The CMPF is all about the motorcycle parts business and there are no motorcycle models exhibited, for those you need to attend CIMAmotor.

This year’s fairs will be hosted on May 16th to 18th (Harbin) and November (Guangzhou). Many visitors choose to attend Canton fair before going on to the parts fair to get the whole Chinese motorcycle industry experience.

Foreign visitors to CMPF are supplied with translators so that you can get down to business with everyone at the fair. The fair itself is a mix of manufacturers and agents and we at C2W have a service to help your business run smoother if you choose to import parts from any of the exhibitors at CMPF.

The effectiveness of CMPF can be best summed up by a Russian motorcycle parts importer friend of mine called Sergey who commented “David, don’t tell anyone else about this fair, I want it to be my secret!”




March 25, 2016


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